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Lambcuterie™  from The Original Lamb Bacon Co.

Charcuterie is a well-known art of salting, smoking and curing. While the mainstream experience is predominately pork, beef or duck. It turns out that you can salt, smoke and cure lamb too. We fondly refer to our Lamb Charcuterie as Lambcuterie™

It may surprise you that Bacon is not a reference to the meat, but a reference to the style of salting, smoking and curing. Which means that while we may have only ever consumed Australian Pork Bacon, there are many variations throughout the world of including turkey bacon and beef bacon..

Lambcuterie™ started with an idea from a Central Victorian farmer and the experience of an Australian-American BBQ cook. After many discussions, taste testing and even failed attempts, the two were finally confident to share their new lamb bacon so that others could experience it too.

Lamb bacon was initially launched through farmers markets and online with the farmers’ premium breed, Australian White Wagyu Lambs.

They were amazed by the response; the more people who tried it, the more people wanted to buy it. There came a time where the farmer’s smaller acreage could no long sustain the demand. So after researching and sourcing high quality grass fed, local lamb. The Original Lamb Bacon Company was formed to supply the increasing appetite from customers.

The farmer is still a farmer and the cook is always up to something, likely developing new flavours and new Lambcuterie™ that will keep you intrigued.

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