Lamb Bacon a first for Australian consumers

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The Original Lamb Bacon – est. 2016

If you love lamb and you love the taste of bacon, then we know that you’ll love our Original Lamb Bacon. As the name suggests it is a bacon made with lamb, not pork.

We have mastered the process of salting, smoking and curing all sorts of lamb cuts, but our first product launched in 2017 is the original wood smoked LAMB BACON.

There are many types of bacon throughout the world and now there is Lamb Bacon in Australia.

Our Artisan methods use a traditional salt cure and redgum woodchips smoke. It has a similar appearance to a streaky bacon and can be used in lamb bacon recipes as a replacement for pork bacon and to add a modern twist to your favourite recipe.

We love how it always finishes with a lovely crispy crunch when it is cooked. It really is the best of Lamb and the best of Bacon.

We have spent months refining the traditional techniques of salting, smoking and curing so that every mouthful celebrates the lamb flavour and texture while maintaining all of the delicious bacony things we love.

Toni developed the idea in 2016 in a bid to value-add each lamb cut from her property in Central Victoria, she enlisted the help from Jon Bell, who has been cooking meat and using rubs, cures and smoking techniques for quite some time, he was competing nationally in Pitmaster BBQ Team, which Toni sponsored.

Our Lamb Bacon flavour releases included a variety of hand crafted flavours, developed by our flavologist Jon Bell including Maple & Pepper, Sriracha,  Lemon & Pepper and a special project in collaboration with Jon and a whiskey distillery “Starward Whiskey & Spiced Apple”. New flavour releases will be announced in the coming months, for now the original lamb bacon is available.


We can deliver anywhere in Australia! Simply order online and we will arrange a very special cold freight delivery to your door.

The Australian Lamb Bacon Story

It all began with Lamb Bacon Entrepreneur Toni Barton, a sheep farmer in Central Victoria, Australia. Toni breeds Australian White lambs.

Toni started out farming in 2015, she had a lot to learn, today her farm produces fresh lamb available at farmers markets across Victoria. She started with just 40 ewes. Fundamentally it was important to manage the gut flora and health of the flock. “I committed early on that we would never grain feed our stock, even if it meant we needed to make sacrifices with volume of output.”

As a first generation sheep famer, Toni needed to pave the way in sales, distribution and value adding. It was important to prove that it could be done, in a hope she may inspire other younger farmers. The second commitment that made was to this patch of the earth. “I feel honored to be a custodian of this patch of the entire earth, it is a finite amount, and I am doing my best to leave this property in better condition than when I found it.”

To hear more about Toni’s farm life please visit her website

Lamb Bacon Recipes & Cooking Guide

For the experienced chefs and adventurous cooks you are only limited by your imagination for ways to include lamb bacon in your next dish, your guests will be impressed that you have sourced such a unique product. And we can assure you, that they’ve probably never tried it before.

We have a library of our best lamb bacon recipes and you may find some inspiration.

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