Lamb Ham

Lamb Ham

Grandma’s  Smoked Lamb Ham, sliced.

Vacuum sealed packs. Thinly sliced, Serves 2

Weight 120g.

Made with 100% grass fed, Australian Lamb. Brown Sugar and Salt herbs and spices Brine cured and smoked to 65C. vacuum sealed, chilled, ready to eat

Shelf Life 90 Days, seal in tact, refrigerated. Shelf Life 3 days after pack is opened. Keep refrigerated


What is Lamb Ham?

As with the bacon products, ham doesn’t have to mean made with pork. Understanding how most off the shelf hams are made these days, we decided that traditional methods suited our lamb ham recipe and our customers tastes – plus Grandma’s curing book said so.

Starting with a boneless leg of lamb, cured in a traditional recipe inspired by Grandma, we then cook and smoke for approx. 5 hours, we use hickory woodchips as it provides a dark outer layer on the ham, and provides a subtle smoke flavor that matches any meal options.

What does does it taste like?

Our Grandma’s Lamb won a bronze in the highly contested pork ham category for the 2019 Australian Food Awards. A testament to the product being able to hold its own, the taste is a lighter flavoured ham style with a balance of sweet and salt  and a light smoke on the palate. Texture is similar to a traditional Christmas ham, as we don’t use injectors or emulsifiers.

Recommended use

Lamb Ham is as versatile as any other ham product, keep it in the fridge, and when you are ready to use it, open the package, loosen the contents to allow the pieces to be separated and add your serve to salads, wraps. rolls, protein snacks on the go, or addition to a charcuterie board, pizza, toasted ham and cheese panini.


Grandmas Lamb Ham sliced

Grandmas Lamb Ham sliced

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