Diced Lamb Bacon Bits | LamBacon™ for Pizza | 250g

LamBacon™ Wood Smoked

Diced Lamb Bacon Bits | LamBacon™ for Pizza | 250g

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Convenient non-pork bacon alternative to add to pizza topping or garnish salads.

Delicious crispy bacon bits to add to your favourite dish.

Try our Lamb Bacon Pizza Topping. 100% Australian Lamb Bacon, made in regional Victoria


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Lamb Bacon Pizza? yes it is a thing! Australia’s first diced Lamb Bacon. Diced Lamb Bacon , perfect for layering on top of your favourite pizza or cook it nice and crispy and as a garnish on Lamb Bacon soups, or use it as your non-pork alternative to ingredients such as sausage rolls and quiches

250g pre-diced handcrafted, redgum wood smoked (.001% Nitrate)  lamb bacon. Ideal for Lamb & Fetta Pizza, Salads or as any convenient lamb bacon recipe addition.




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