Lamb Bacon | Diced bacon pieces | 250g

Lamb Bacon | Diced bacon pieces | 250g


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250 grams diced lamb bacon pieces. Using our traditional recipe, use it as a garnish, or the hero. Cook before consumption.


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Description :

Lamb Bacon Diced bacon pieces

  • Vacuum sealed packs. Finely diced. Serves 4
  • Weight 250g.
  • Made with 100% grass fed, Australian Lamb. Dry cured in Murray River Salt Flakes, then smoked over Redgum woodchips. Pre-diced, vacuum sealed, cook before consumption
  • Shelf Life 90 Days, seal in tact, refrigerated. Shelf Life 3 days after pack is opened. Keep refrigerated

What is Lamb Bacon?

It’s the pork bacon alternative, made using old school curing and smoking methods using 100% Australian Lamb. If you love lamb and love bacon, then you  will love lamb bacon pre diced pieces

How to use Lamb Bacon Diced Pieces?

Keep it in the fridge, and when you are ready to use it, open the package, loosen the contents to allow the pieces to be separated. We then add it to a cold frying pan, no need to add any oil to the pan, then turn the heat on and cook to your recipe requirements. We love cooking them until the are just about crunchy, then load them on top of pizza, shepherds pie or baked potatoes, before putting them into an oven to finish them of crispy.  Or cook them until crunchy and load them on top of avocado for breakfast. Use them in place of diced pork bacon in any recipe. We recommend keeping the residual fats from the frying pan and storing it in a glass jar in the fridge to use for roasting “Lamb Bacon Fat” potatoes



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